Monday, October 24, 2011

So today I'm going on to RPG Now and downloading all of the crap that I've bought there in the past few years.  I've downloaded bits and pieces here and there, but never the whole shebang.

It might sound odd to have bought books and not downloaded them, but I'm not by preference a .PDF kind of guy.  However, back when the wizkids were pulling the d20 license, Goodman had a fire sale on their entire DCC library and I picked up the whole lot to raid for ideas (and then never did). 

Also, when the Haiti earthquake hit, I bought a charity pack that had loads of stuff in it for around $20.  That's a lot of d20 product, I'm pretty sure, but I remember seeing some older-school stuff in it to raid for ideas, and a dork tower collection. 

Today's a good day to get that all on to my local drive, since I'm home but the wife and girl are gone.  Plus, no data limits on my home broadband.  I hate data limits.

Then I'll have lots o' gaming stuff to sift through while waiting for connecting flights or other times when it's good ol' me, myself and I.

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