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Tables for Island Dimensions and Population

Here's a rough draft of some tables to generate random islands.  This is just the basic geography and demographics.   More adventure-centric tables are on the way soon, for when you already know what an island looks like and where it is, and just want some ideas of interesting stuff to put on it.

A term used on the tables is "high island".  This is the default island type we think of most of the time when we hear the word "island".


01-05  Stack*
06-30  tidal island**
31-100 island
*Stacks are >= 1 sq mi but are usually found in numbers of 3d18
**As per regular small island (roll on (roll on small island type tables for appropriate climate at a -10% penalty) but connected to mainland at low tide; tidal islands are only very rarely more than 200 sq mi)

01-05  seamount**
06-100 island
*  There are no seamounts in inland seas
** A seamount is submerged and considered as no result if encountered by skilled captain in a shipping lane as it will be charted, but may be sufficiently shallow to imperil shipping if uncharted or inexperienced (possible 5% chance sunken village/town/city on its surface; double if uncharted).

Island Climate Zone
01-20  Frigid
21-60  temperate
61-75  subtropical
76-100 tropical


Regular Island Class percentages based upon ratio of islands known, not total
01-80  Small Island (or Islet)
90-100 Large Island

Small Island Area
01-40  <= 1 sq mi
41-65  1-10 sq mi
66-85  11-100 sq mi
86-100 101-400 sq mi

Large Island Area
01-29  400-1,000 sq mi
59-78  1,001-2,000 sq mi
79-85  2,001-4,000 sq mi
86-91  4,001-10,000 sq mi
92-97  10,001-40,000 sq mi
98-100 40,001+ sq mi

Length/width (all ratios approximate) (modified by Table 1.A)

01-05   7:1
06-10   10+:1
11-25   5:1
26-45   3:1
46-70   2:1
71-100  1:1 (or virtually equal)

Table 1.A size modifiers for L/W
-10 up to 10 sq mi
+10 >400 sq mi
N/A all others

Island Shape*
01-10  irregular
11-14  A or V
15-26  B
27-31  C or G
32-40  D
41     E or F
42     H
43-45  I or T
46-48  J
49     K
60-62  L
63     M or W
64     N or Z
65-85  O or Q (the classic)
86-88  P or R
89-90  S
91-96  U
97     X
98-100 Y

* If a letter is rolled, the intent is a rough inspiration in the general shape; either capital or small version, in any orientation; deform as necessary for a non-obvious result.  If random orientation is required, roll 1d8 for compass point with standard letter orientation used on a result of "1" (true north) and rotating clockwise.

All large islands are high islands
Small frigid and temperate island type (modified by Table 1.B)
01-05  rocky*
05-40  skerry or ait**
41-60  sandbar or barrier**
61-100 High island***

Small sub- and tropical island type (modified by Table 1.B)
01-15  atoll** (can't be tidal islands)
16-25  rocky*
26-40  sandbar or barrier**
41-60  cay or key**
61-100 High island***

*     rocky islands have no groundwater, but may have captured rainwater
**    40% chance of fresh groundwater if between 11-100 sq mi, otherwise none
***   40% chance of fresh groundwater if between 1-10 sq mi; 80% if 11-25 sq mi; 100% <25 sq mi
****  groundwater may be frozen
***** chances presume island is within a body of salt water;ground water is always present at freshwater islands

Table 1.B size modifiers for type
-35  <= 1 sq mi
-10  1-10 sq mi
N/A  11-100 sq mi
+40 101-400 sq mi

island is active volcano (high islands only)
01-20 yes
21-80 no

years since last significant eruption
01-25  currently active
26-75  within 1-100 years ago, active often
76-90  within 1-100 years ago, inactive often
91-100 between 100-1000 years ago

eruption potential (with example)
01-30  effusive             hawaii
31-50  gentle                stromboli
51-65  explosive          etna
66-80  catastrophic       lassen peak
81-90  cataclysmic       pelee
91-95  paroxysmic       vesuvius
95-97  colossal             krakatoa
98-99  super-colossal   tambora
100    mega-colossal    yellowstone  

High island max elevation
01-50  up to 500'
51-60  between 501 and 1000'
61-70  between 1001' and 2000'
71-80  between 2001' and 4000'
81-90  between 4001' and 8000'
91-100 between 8001' and 16000' (or higher at DM choice)

all other island types (OIT) max elevation (modified by Table 1.C)
01-25   1'-10'
26-50  11'-50'
51-90  51'-100'
91-100 101'-250'

Table 1.C OIT max el modifier
-50  sandbar or barrier
-10  atoll
N/A  rocky
+20  cay or key

Vegetation/fertility (modified by Table 1.D)
bare rock is always "none"

01-15  no vegetation
16-30  very little, non-edible
31-60  occasional plants, some edible
61-85  varied vegetation, many edible
81-90  cornucopia
91-100 rain forest

Table 1.D size and other modifiers for Vegetation (cumulative)
-35  <= 1 sq mi
N/A  1-10 sq mi
+10  11-400 sq mi
+40  400+ sq mi
+25  between 1001' and 2000' max el
+50  volcanic or 2000'+ max el

creatures present? (modified by Table 1.E)
01-10  No creatures
11-20  one dominant animal species makes non-permanent use (e.g., seal rocks)
21-40  1d4 bird* or sea-based animal species, no predators (animals likely don't react to danger)
41-60  bird* and sea-based animal species, plus a prey/predator combo**
61-80  bird* and sea-based animal species, with varied land animals/monsters
81-100 complex ecosystems
* 20% chance bird species are flightless
** a predator has a 50% chance of being either an animal or a monster

Table 1.E modifiers for creatures present by vegetation type
-60  no vegetation
-50  very little, non-edible
-30  occasional plants, some edible
N/A  varied vegetation, many edible
+40  cornucopia
+60  rain forest

populated?* (modified by Table 1.F)
*any cornucopia or rain forest island is always populated, if not by people than by organized monsters, unless the DM rules otherwise

01-30   never
31-60   formerly
61-100  currently

Table 1.F modifiers for populated by vegetation type
-60  no vegetation
-50  very little, non-edible
-30  occasional plants, some edible
N/A  varied vegetation, many edible

inhabitant spread (modified by Table 1.G)
01-50   single village/town*
51-75   one tribe/nation - no organized monsters
76-90   multiple tribes/nations - no organized monsters
91-100  one (50%) or many (50%) tribe(s)/nation(s) and organized monsters*
* note at DM choice this could be an aquatic race in the immediate vicinity (unfriendly if an organized monster)

Table 1.G modifiers for inhabitant spread by island size*
-25  1-10 sq mi
N/A  11-100 sq mi
+50  101-400 sq mi
* all islands =< 1 sq mi have only a single village/town, if any

Population are*
01-60  native(s)
61-70  nearby group; settling colonists
71-85  nearby group; economic and/or military outpost
86-90  far away group; settling colonists
91-100 far away group; economic and/or military outpost
* For quantity, roll either on the town population chart, or number appearing if determination by monster entry is more appropriate

Population migratory/temp or permanent?

01-10  migratory; passing through
11-40  migratory; regular circuit
41-50  mix of migratory and settled if more than one group; DM details*****
51-100 permanent
population split if mixed
01-30  about even
31-70  either permanent or temp is (possibly cumulatively) 2/3 of the pop, the other 1/3
71-100 lopsided one way or the other

Rivalry if multiple groups? (modified by Table 1.H)
01-50  yes
51-100 no

Table 1.H rivalry island size modifier*
-25  1-10 sq mi
N/A  11-100 sq mi
+40  101-400 sq mi

Population group technology compared to AD&D standard
either roll as general status of all groups on the island, or roll for each group
01-50  more primitive
51-95  normal
96-100 more advanced* (75% chance forgotten/hiding civilization)
* advanced groups are always permanent, but never colonists if forgotten/hiding; reclassify as necessary

geographic features*
**0-2  <= 1 sq mi
  0-3  1-10 sq mi
  2-4  11-400 sq mi
  3-6  400+ sq mi
*for larger islands, consider as the number of features within 25 sq mi of landing site; detail as necessary for campaign play
** roll 1d4; rolls of 3 or 4 equal 0 features. for islands of this size, it's first feature type will always be a (sole) cove

Feature Type
01-05  bay
06-10  caves
11-15  corrie loch**
16-20  coastal cliffs
21-25  inland cliffs
26-30  cove (hold 1-2 ships)
31-35  delta
36-40  harbor
41-45  hills
46-50  internal body of water equal to 10%-50% of total area**
51-55  loose scree of various size (75% chance good catapult ammo here)
56-60  major stream or river**
61-65  peninsula (20% chance of fort if appropriate pop and tech)
66-70  pool**
71-75  prominent peak
76-80  promontory (50% chance of fort if appropriate pop and tech)
81-85  quarry-quality rock
86-90  swamp
91-95  thicket/forest
96-100 waterfall**
*reroll features incompatible with known island characteristics
** in frigid climates, consider results as glacial activity of appropriate size

Do treasure maps lead to this island?
01-10  yes, for good reason
11-50  yes, somewhere one does but the treasure's gone
51-100 no

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tables for settlements and local politics draft 2

(rough formatting, editing, etc.)



roll modifier (if modified by size)

-75 Thorp or dorf
-50 Hamlet
-25 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+50 City

Number of Gods Worshiped (modified by size)

01-15 0-1 (chance of additional 1d4 secret faiths: 95% (town)/25% (other))
16-50 2 (chance of 1 additional secret faith: 50% (all))
51-75 3 (chance of additional 1d3 secret faiths: 95% (town or city)/25% (other))
76-85 4 (chance of additional 1d2 secret faiths: 95% (town or city)/25% (other))
86-95 most major, some minor
96-100 most major, most minor

Populace Devotion

01-10 Highly devout overall, religion is a significant part of daily life
11-25 as above to one/some gods, other gods worshiped less vigorously (presumes multiple faiths, otherwise treat as devout)
26-75 no great devotion to any god (50% chance one or more with dominant social presence) (This is vanilla AD&D city)
76-95 visible presence, but town overwhelmingly secular
96-100 religious power weak and feeble (if multiple gods, 50% chance due to repression from one powerful church)


RAISE DEAD available?

NOTE: this does not necessarily mean by cast clerical spell (although standard clerical raise dead is likely the most common method).  It may not even mean a return to life by divine/infernal power, but something else at DM discretion.  A locale could have only a 2nd level cleric but have a magic item, relic, available wish, unusual inhabitant, etc.  Though this particular table is not priest-specific, it's placed here given the clerical associations.

01-50 yes
51-100 no*

*if a city does not have any raise capability, it is likely a recent and sudden loss; DM should determine why

Divine/Infernal Aid

This is to determine priestly spellcasting power in the town.  Note magic items or other resources can selectively supplement as DM needs require.

01-50 blessings up to speaking with the dead (1d3 levels, or DM choice)*
51-95 nullifying poisons up to complete healing (1d3+3 levels, or DM choice)
95-100 miracles of any sort (all)

* if a city has such a low priestly spellcasting level available, it is likely due to recent and sudden loss; DM should determine why)

raise dead and aid availability size modifier
-40 Thorp or dorf
-30 Hamlet
-20 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+45 City



Number of casters in locale (modified by size)

01-15 zero (50% additional chance of incognito citizen with 2d4-1 levels of ability; higher levels at DM discretion)
16-50 1 (20% chance as above)
51-75 1-3 (20% chance as above)
76-85 2-4
86-95 2-6
96-100 5 or more (DM choice)

Comity Between Casters

01-20 friendly/respectful
21-40 mostly friendly/respectful with exception(s)
41-60 mixed; highly variable
61-80 competitive/disrespectful
81-95 tense and simmering
96-100 hatred

Caster organization

01-10 none; individual
11-25 loose cooperation
26-75 informal association
76-80 regulated by others
81-100 encompassing guild (or magocracy, if applicable)

Org roll modifier (above table only)

-75 Thorp or dorf
-50 Hamlet
-25 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+15 City


How the normal population and the caster(s) interact

01-05 normal population considered lower class or servitors; casters may have special legal privileges (DM choice)
06-20 deference accorded; if casters are present who are evil, or otherwise dangerous, population may be resentful but fear confrontation
21-70 magical abilities are considered a prestigious specialty and relations are normal (this is your average D&D town)
71-90 casters accepted but must fit in; i.e., threatening casters aren't tolerated
91-98 magic use held in general suspicion; e.g., if Widow Diddern's cow dies mysteriously, known casters might face pitchforks and torches.
99-100 Casters face legal or religious discrimination


*can either be checked per caster, or per town as a basic local ceiling further detailed by the DM (note that a ceiling may be defined/established by a single available caster and not represent average ability of other casters in the locale. A town with five reclusive casters of 2nd level and one willing caster of high level could be described as a "wide variety of magical services available")

** if checking individually do not modify roll results; if determining town ceiling (only) use caster services roll modifier;

01-20 no one wants to be bothered by adventurers
21-50 might perform identify or other minor spell - for a respectable price, and only if the caster has nothing else to do!
51-70 services as above, and will discuss greater matters; reaction determines results of such discussions
71-80 caster(s) known to cast for hire; not picky
81-90 reality altered for vast sums or powerful magics (if smaller than town check again at 25% chance; if failed re-roll on main table, ignoring further rolls of this type)
91-100 Wide variety of magical services available

Caster Services roll modifier (above table only)

-5 Thorp or dorf
-5 Hamlet
-5 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+25 City


Organized thieves present?

Any positive result requires generating one thieves guild in the location.  Always consider scale: a guild in a hamlet may be two shopkeepers, or a couple of plants/contacts. Tailor further results accordingly.  Later rolls in other categories may suggest generating more than one guild per DM determination (e.g. a guild war with a rival, or, "first among equals").

Even if organized thieves aren't indicated, individuals may still be thieves as a DM determines.

01-90 Yes
91-100 No

-50 Thorp or dorf
-25 Hamlet
-5 Village or Wych
N/A Town
* City

*A city will always have at least one thieves guild.

Assassins present? (keeping scale in mind)

01-40 yes
41-100 no

-35 Thorp or dorf
-25 Hamlet
-5 Village or Wych
+25 Town
** City

* A city will always have assassins.

Assassin organization

01-40 independent contractors
41-75 traditional assassins guild*
76-90 attached to thieves guild**
91-100 attached to caster guild or temple**

*  secret or openly operating as appropriate
** possibly only one or few individuals

Guild Power

01-50 effective; risky to defy
51-60 control their spheres with iron fists
61-70 below critical mass for dominance but not toothless
71-80 paper tigers ripe for takeover
81-100 merely first among equals (note: this doesn't necessarily mean having little power/control in a Machiavellian world)

Guild Capability (e.g., begging, extortion, traditional urban crime, smuggling, counterfeiting, etc., etc., as determined by the DM)

Has in-house expertise and activities in:

01-40 A narrow range of activities centered around physical intimidation
41-70 a narrow but lucrative range of activities allowing it to buy anything else it needs
71-90 most areas and access through fealty with the remainder
91-100 entire range of criminal activities ongoing in their territory

Guild Reach

01-25 only portions of city
26-75 entire city
76-95 has agents in minor satellites of city
96-100 smaller guilds within nearby region under guild's suzerainty

capability and reach size modifier

-50 Thorp or dorf
-40 Hamlet
-30 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+50 City


demihuman presence in locale (scale for thorp, town, etc.)

01-20 sparse or none
21-60 small neighborhood
61-90 minority, but common
91-100 up to near-parity

demihuman variety

01-20 just one type at location
21-50 one dominant type and a smattering of others
51-70 divided primarily between two races
71-90 divided primarily between 2-4 races
91-100 most or all are well represented

demihuman temples/shrines? (DM choice if included in, or additional to, previous rolls for GODS/RELIGION)

01-85 none present although individuals may be devout
86-100 yes, at least one (or more at DM discretion) demihuman god

temple roll modifier

-14 sparse
N/A small neighborhood
+10 minority, but common
+50 near-parity

human/demi-human dynamic

01-15 distrust
16-40 it's business
41-85 pleasant, but separate
86-100 civic family


presence of sage in location

01-50 no sage in location
51-65 one sage here periodically
66-90 sage resides in location
91-100 1d3 sages reside in location

presence of other expert hirelings at location (non-merc)

NOTE: the first expert in any location is its blacksmith; roll or pick others

01-10 no specialist at this location
11-60 at least has a capable blacksmith
61-75 has 1d2 experts
76-90 has 1d3 experts
91-100 has 1d6 experts

sage and expert size modifier

-45 Thorp or dorf
-40 Hamlet
-30 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+50 City


Roll on Status and trends once for every community/city.


what the current mood/environment is when the adventurers roll into town, as well as recent events shaping same

Town is:

01-50. stable/peaceful with no great worries or pressures (possibly only in ignorances or appearances)
51-60 currently safe but worried or under pressure; roll on EVENT SUBTABLE II to determine source
61-70 remarkable/unusual event occurring; roll on EVENT SUBTABLE I
71-80 recovering from a recent remarkable/unusual event; roll on EVENT SUBTABLE II
81-85 losing importance/size over time
86-90 gaining importance/size over time
91-95 preparing for military action; target may or may not be known to populace
96-100 under conventional military (i.e., state-vs-state) attack/siege (reroll if result does not fit campaign)


1-10 Merchant Caravan(s)
11-13 religious revival/heresy/hysteria
14-17 unnatural weather
18-25 pilgrimage or settlers passing through
26-30 temporary overcrowding/census
31-33 Trial/Election
34-36 conquering hero(s)/explorer returns/local boy done good
37-45 local scandal/gossip
46-52 spritual manifestation or wizardly phenomenon (50% chance of either)
53-60 financial speculation or discovery/prominent merchant
61-65 guild/trade dispute
66-72 rival thieves guild making a play (at DM choice, war with another group: assassins, beggers, etc.)
73-80 planetary alignment/comet/astronomical phenomenon
81-100 Roll on EVENT SUBTABLE II; use result as current event


1-8 Financial disaster/Fire
9-40 misc monster activity
41-45 "natural" disaster/infestation (may be caused by magic)
46-50 famine/drought
51-55 undead manifestation
56-60 bandit/pirate attack
61-70 military activity in the outskirts (this includes humanoid groups)
71-80 Festival/wedding/anniversary/Holy Day
81-85 coup d'etat activity (of any sort of leadership, not limited to governing)
86-90 street violence/tax revolt/infamous crime
91-92 death of ruler/priest rejected at death
93-100 Outerplanar Occurrence


NOTES: neighbor may be unknown to the populace at DM discretion. If you are detailing a town in a mapped area, discard impossible results; e.g., a border town across the river from a hostile rival city would override "same race friendly" results

01-20 monstrous threat
21-25 monstrous neutral
26-30 monstrous friendly
31-40 other race threat
41-50 other race neutral
51-60 other race friendly
61-70 same race threat
71-90 same race neutral
91-100 same race friendly


Who's in charge and how securely?  Who are other factions with power? What competitions exist and why?

NOTE: if locale is part of a larger nation that has a strong uniformity, discard results that are irreconcilable.  But even in a strong kingdom a rural thorp might be essentially governed by a council of elders, for example.

Local ruler is:

01-05 DEMOCRACY (may be direct or through elected town officials)
21-23 DICTATORSHIP (underworld boss, strongman, invader)
51-60 PLUTOCRACY (usually appears as another form but real power rests with rich classes)
61-65 HIERARCHY (council of churches, etc.)
66-67 PEDOCRACY (university town, etc.)
68-70 MILITOCRACY (castellan or other military leader)
71-75 BUREAUCRACY (If a figurehead of some other sort is desired, roll to determine)
76-80 OLIGARCHY (body composed of heads/representatives of divergent power centers)
81-85 SYNDICRACY (merchant guild council, etc.)
96-100 MONARCHY (to include crown representatives)

local ruler size modifier
-55 Thorp or dorf
-45 Hamlet
-35 Village or Wych
N/A Town
+25 City


01-20 loved
21-50 tolerated
51-80 uneven support
81-100 disliked/hated


01-60 strong/waxing
61-90 weak/waning/fractured
91-100 facing rebellion

Reach of writ

01-40 All of legal boundaries*
41-60 Most of legal boundaries*
61-80 Major settlements within legal boundaries*
81-90 Full extent of location
91-100 Little or Part of location

* Presumes claim of land beyond the city/settlement itself; if none, consider result as "extent of location"


01-85 longstanding/hereditary
86-100 newly established


After determining the general state of the location, roll once more to determine if any other local politics or peculiarities influence the dynamics.  Always remember to temper the general result to the situation.  In a village of 600 a feud between "crown" (perhaps a mayor) and "church" (perhaps a local abbot) might be on everyone's lips, but otherwise no issue.  In a capital that could be completely different.  In a thorp it could be trivial, for most game purposes.


0-2 Thorp or dorf
0-3 Hamlet
1-4 Village or Wych
2-6 Town
3-12 City


Duplicate results may be re-rolled or considered cumulative at DM option

1-10 Factions and Rivalries
11-20 Feuds and Grievances
21-30 Triangles and Alliances
31-40 Plots and Intrigues
41-50 Heresies and Scandals
51-75 Crime and the Underworld
76-90 Sorceries and Abominations
91-100 Mercenaries and Adventurers


Significant factions present

01-10 churchmen/prophet
11-20 Powerful wizard(s)
21-30 trade guilds/merchants
31-35 pretender and supporters
36-40 aggrieved commoners/local climber/charismatic leader
41-50 free radicals/outsiders
51-60 underworld
61-75 aristocratic/court (if applicable/reroll)
76-90 demihumans (or humans, if demi-human location) (if applicable/reroll)
91-100 sea captains (if applicable/reroll)

Rivalry Drivers between Factions

1-15         ruling favoritism by law or deed
16-35 historical enmity/disagreement
35-50 class dynamics (either social or character)
51-65 sudden weakness/unpopular leader
65-80 new and able candidate for leader, or source of power
80-100 trivial concerns given outsized importance


What are the longstanding petty hatreds, current flashpoints of animosity, or potential entanglements?

Feuds Between

01-05 ruler and spellcaster*
06-10 ruler and religious power
11-20 ruler and significant vassal/citizen
21-30 ruler and merchant/guild/ship captains
31-40 two or more wealthy families/vassals
41-50 two or more merchants/guilds/professions/ship captains, etc
51-55 urban and rural
56-60 underworld and government
61-70 underworld and merchant/guild/ship captains
71-75 underworld and religious power
76-80 underworld and spellcaster*
81-85 spellcaster(s) and religious power
86-90 nearby entity of roughly equal size  (which may one-way)
91-95 neighborhoods/quarters
96-100 human/demi-human

*a spellcaster is usually a magic-user but could be anything (dragon, ogre mage, illusionist, etc.), exluding clerics and druids.

feud is

01-15 minor/underplayed publicly by the participants/not well known
16-30 one side is about to put an end to it
31-60 stalemated, and unlikely to end decisively
61-80 resolvable if a 3rd party beneficially intervened
81-90 possibly ended through major efforts
91-100 intractable

Feud involvement of outsiders

01-40 outside agents aren't used
41-80 outside agents are used
81-100 those who involve themselves are marked by one or more sides

beginning of feud

01-25 Our tablets tell us the story
26-35 the elders remember
36-50 in this or previous generation
51-70 between 5-10 years ago
71-90 within the last 1-5 years
91-100 the blood is still fresh

Source of feud

(re-roll if result inapplicable)

01-20 someone died
21-30 someone stole
31-40 someone cheated (money or love)
41-60 someone insulted
61-70 someone betrayed
71-80 someone attacked
81-90 someone's jealous/covetous
91-100 distant or immediate family dispute (inheritance, dishonor, etc)

Current flashpoints and simmering discontent

01-05 workers on ruler's property recently died due to indifference/neglect (mine collapse, privation, monster incursion, etc)
06-10 Insult and duel (50% chance of a resulting death, could create new feud)
11-20 local military or navy despise their commanders/officers
21-30 faction stirring population toward desired war
31-40 criminal activity above accepted levels
41-50 oppressive taxation and/or tithes
51-60 new law/decree to one side's great disadvantage
61-70 imposed scarcity of critical need
70-75 non-divine magic recently restricted (either temporarily or indefinitely)
76-80 divine magic recently restricted (either temporarily or indefinitely)
81-100 widespread rumor of an unproven treachery


Long-term/persistent power dynamics keeping other forces in check, willing and unwilling interdependences, networks of mutual support

01-05 ruler and underworld allied against the merchants
06-10 innkeepers and operators of other public houses jointly/quietly gather information for reason of DMs choice
11-20 cartel of merchants and underworld allied against other merchants
21-30 two prominent families work together against ruler
31-40 one prominent family critically important to ruler
41-45 local clergy well-supported by rich local benefactor
46-50 Underworld and clergy undermine ruler
51-60 groups of demihumans living outside the city have allies inside it
61-70 town is suffering due to alliance of hostile monsters

01-50 alliance known
51-100 alliance secret

01-50 includes traitorous citizen(s)
51-100 does not include

71-75 Crown (or priest, guildmaster, etc., at DMs discretion) can call on powerful adventuring party if in need (perhaps retired adventurer, etc.)
76-80 some number of spellcasters dedicated to checking power of rival spellcaster(s) (can be open or secret as DM determines)
81-85 good and neutral faiths cooperate to reduce power of evil faiths
86-90 evil and neutral faiths cooperate to reduce power of good faiths
91-95 faiths of associated portfolios cooperate to reduce power of faith with opposing portfolios (alignment irrelevant)
96-100 faction or powerful person(s) significantly supporting faction in another town


Is someone working to take power or otherwise impact the status quo from behind the scenes?

01-05 either a single magic-user or a cabal are subverting the crown, military or the clergy
06-10 either a single magic-user or a cabal are consolidating power over their sphere in locale
11-20 The heir of a prominent family is attempting to inherit early
21-25 Military rival in process of buying a high level Benedict Arnold
26-30 somebody's coin shaving/counterfeiting on a large scale
31-40 The Family is buying off the cops and black robes
41-50 While everyone's distracted next holiday/holy day...
51-60 Unmarried ruler courted by secret agents; or married ruler tempted
61-65 efforts to establish/expose/accuse illegitimacy of rival
66-70 plot to deprive rival of sacred symbols or items from which power is derived (jewels of state, relic important to faith, etc.)
71-75 a merciless merchant's about to corner the market
76-80 Desperate ruler or prominent family schemes to seize wealth of merchant to pay debts
81-85 Head of a faith has discreetly turned against this ruler and is working against it through the local clergy
86-90 Temple(s) plan violence against rival faith
91-95 smuggling into town those that shouldn't be there
96-100 secret counter to other plan in motion; roll again on this table (ignoring duplicate result unless looking to establishing rings within rings within rings, etc.


Any dark or corrupt forces at work within the local clergy?

IF any results are considered so specific as to not be modifiable or replayable, those should be replaced after use by new of DM design

01-03 the local priest was recently silenced (DM choice for reason), and the populace suffers* (re-roll if dispel magic easily available)
04-06 a small group of priests furiously slow a poisoned person of importance hoping for help to come soon* (re-roll if dispel magic easily available)
07-09 Due to shortfall (DM choice as to duration and source), priests creating food/water by spell, scroll, and item
10-12 priest worried because local animal friend talks about "new big rumbles far down"
13-15 priests inwardly concerned, as during communion with their deity traces of personality drift are noticeable
16-18 a heretical intruder at a local temple was recently incinerated by a pillar of flame from the sky
19-21 area farmers complain that unnatural infestations are ruining crops
22-24 during local use of true seeing, a priest incidentally saw something disturbing he hasn't shared with anyone yet
25-27 the head of the local temple is feared lost in a plane shifting accident
28-30 the church cares for a feebleminded soul while assistance is sought
31-33 many local amputees or other invalids recently healed by passing priest; other members of that faith automatically gain friendly reaction for another 1d12 months
34-36 church locally ascendant as it uncovered a recent plot against ruler
37-39 local temple crackles with energy; locals clueless and fearful; inside priesthood fights something unexpected that stepped through a gate
40-42 while at an inn/tavern, a bird with tiny scroll around its neck lands at the table party is eating at; scroll indicates a priest is held against their will nearby (table coincidentally a frequent meeting place of priest's friends)
43-45 usually reliable weather reading recently often wrong
46-48 annual druidic lottery takes place in a week; lottery determines local offered for fertility ritual (DM determination of ritual specifics, could either be blood sacrifice or something more benign)
49-51 new faith or druidic circle recently established itself
52-54 area currently in extended downpour summoned to combat nearby dangerous wildfire
55-57 druidic contest taking place soon
58-60 elementals (appropriate type) are opposing attempts to maximally exploit natural resource; druids suspected
61-63 wolf oddly protecting local orphan; actually parent reincarnated (details determined by the DM)
64-66 An influential heretic has gained a devout base of support
67-69 the benevolent sisters and the holy fathers are more than friends (or other forbidden lust)
70-72 the bishop is a drunk and incredibly offensive when so
73-75 priest secretly attempting to impregnate another's wife who's desperate to provide an heir (mystically or normally)
76-78 priest is actually a double agent of an opposed power, may be unwilling
79-81 new sister is an exiled, formerly prominent woman who may still receive visitors
82-84 visiting embassy from demihuman faith urging cooperative effort in joint area of concern
85-88 The injured and sick fear being tended to by "Sister Wretched"
89-91 attempting to bind planar creature for use against rivals
92-94 faith has desperate need and will bind unwilling agents with quest spells to resolve it
95-97 agents have located ancient writings of prophecy and need someone to accompany/protect church official there
98-100 after contacting another plane, brother Andrew has begun ranting of dark future (DM option as to veracity/details)


What's going on with the thieves and underclass?  Any notable lone wolf criminals?

NOTE: Any known associate of a guild member are usually (exceptions apply at DM determination) safe from any undesirable guild-directed activities or circumstances described below. In that case, they encounter it happening to others.

Underworld and seedy neighborhood current events

NOTE: events may occur outside of commoner areas at DM discretion, but less likely.

01-05 wanted posters just went up with a good reward
06-10 Outsiders caught red-handed; indiscriminate reprisals by locals against like outsiders
11-15 guild agents trying to catch indy operator
16-20 guild needs help transporting hot item to destination
21-25 tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak
26-30 looking for a magic-user to tell them what this is
31-35 recently paid out a large sum in a numbers racket
36-40 intervened in a wrong done to the poorest of society (and are enjoying a measure of goodwill from same) for (in)sincere reason determined by the DM
41-45 prominent citizen shockingly discovered partaking in the sins of the slums
46-50 someone brought a knife to a sword fight
51-60 bar brawl erupts
61-65 A kidnapper is hiding himself and his victim here while attempting to ransom
66-70 black marketeers recently gained reliable source for item artificially expensive locally
71-75 thief pretends to be mercenary in order to obtain temporary employment that will take him somewhere else; either pretends to be grizzled veteran or starry-eyed youth as appearances dictate
76-80 muggers racket working in the docks/bawdy area
81-85 beggar communicates PCs to guild as possible mark if observably rich target (100% likely if any plea for alms refused)
86 guild offers great deal on magic that someone else powerful wants
87 guild trying to establish bandit fortress near lightly-patrolled trade route; looking to hire varied talent
88 local fair day (or similar) used by guild to field test training of young pickpockets
89 temporary supply of rare powerful exotic drug - common to encounter low and high class residents in hallucinatory stupor; local spell research cost and time halved for 1d6 months
90 beggar overheard something useful to PCs
91 easily offended and drunken rakes causing scene; will try to brawl if engaged with (but not melee unless weapons used by PCs)
92 the streetwalkers of two warring madams fight (not mortally) when encountering each other in the street; loser(s) marked in unattractive way
93 sea captain or mercenary troop in town has 1d3 press gangs roaming the area (DM to detail); double or triple chance to encounter if roll indicates multiple
94 characters see/overhear blatant blackmail attempt (unaware of PCs) which PCs may take advantage of, intervene in, or ignore as they desire
95 watch looking for criminal question PC; may consider them suspect
96 poisoner is on the loose;  blackfaced and swollen victims have turned up for last few weeks
95 PCs are told that someone was just here asking about around; PCs fit the description of those sought.
96 temporary relaxation of normal social mores (Midsummer Night, crop fertility rites, heir's wedding festival, etc.) among commoners and lower classes; propositions likely.  May result in local friendly ally (or not!) at DM discretion.
97 PCs stumble upon a secret entrance to sewers or other underground highways
98 traveling quack is offering youth tonic.  If purchased by PCs there is a 5% chance that it reduces physical age by 1d3 years even though it doesn't seem to really work for anyone else; reason at DM discretion
99 burglary team seeks worthwhile looking marks; will scout lodging and then contact PCs to offer discussion and possible sale of treasure map, during which others will seek to burglarize PC lodging (note: not if guild member is in party; if in area outside guild reach, then party thieves have 15% chance per level of seeing the scam in time to catch the burglars in the act.)
100 merchant working in connection with guild targets travelers to surreptitiously pass counterfeit coinage as opportunity allows; those of low wisdom at greatest risk


Presumes local magic-user(s). ongoing secret experiments? diabolical or demonic activity? Other M-U related stuff, etc., Rumors of magic and such

01-05 secret (or open, if appropriate) undead servitors (possibly solely for convenience)
06-10 secret explicit diabolical/demonic pact/agency
11-15 secret coercion of diabolical/demonic powers
16-20 surreptitiously using enchantment/charm for personal benefit (80% judiciously/20% recklessly)
21-25 maintains attitude of guardianship over locality
26-30 practitioner of magic resides unknown to populace at large
31-35 researching location of desired item
36-40 graduating an apprentice or looking for one
41-45 having difficulties/just finished researching a spell (unique at DM discretion)
46-50 spell caster prone to arrogance out and about this evening
51-55 recently lost control of something that would make people angry if they knew
56-60 has texts/maps they've never got around to translating
61-65 magic-user recently burned at the stake
66-70 local magic-user establishing library/laboratory; all such equipment tripled in price due to demand.  However, PCs may easily sell treasure useful for that purpose at full book value.
71 (possibly obscure) curse in effect locally
72 illusionist came to town recently and killed local of import.  He cast some unknown spell that caused the victim to become a shadow over the course of several weeks
73 traveler in a caravan will pay good money to have curse remove or magic dispelled
74 magic-use restricted/prohibited
75 impending wizard duel
76 familiar is looking for his master
77 odd script appeared nightly on ancient structure in or very near to town (obelisk, standing stone, pillar, archway, etc.) for a period after the previous full moon.  it's meaning is unknown but an artistic village youth captured good drawings
78 A caster working as an agent for some power is reading peoples' minds in a public house
79 magic-user (visiting 75%) will cast Leomund's trap on an item for 100 GP
80 something recovered from a nearby dungeon (or similar) causes a magic mouth to appear with a proclamation
81 local magic-user hasn't been seen for some time (this may or may not be unusual)
82 previously obscure magic mouth triggered by means unknown
83 spellcaster recently became insane (DM roll type and determine details)
84 innkeeper always rents same room to visiting spellcasters, which is scried by local caster(s) (DM choice as to reason)
85 hidden in the rafters is a book protected by explosive runes; any detect magic in range reveals it.  DM choice as to contents, owner, and reason.
86 The ruins of a local caster's tower still smoke; foolhardy men discuss exploring what remains
87 spectacular lightning arrays strike a local tower twice during the night but in the morning it appears unharmed.
88 someone's offering to pay double normal price for water breathing magic
89 under the effects of suggestion, someone's trying to kidnap a dwarf.  But if the suggestion is broken, a forget spell frustrates attempts to learn the source
90 a bolt streaks past the PCs from the shadows, but its target is protected from normal missiles.
91 A mystical nightmare manifests in the town; everyone is slowed while the town graveyard erupts forth zombies and skeletons.
92 someone attempts to dimension door into the space PCs stand in, stunning them and opening a rift to the astral plane (which swallows them unless immediately countered)
93 local wizard is in the process of enchanting an item (though this is likely unknown) and unavailable for any reason
94 "bleeding forest" nearby (and shunned by superstitious locals) is actually survivors of a troop massmorphed long ago and tragically never returned to normal. 2d20 "trees" in grove are alive and 2d20 are dead and grey.
95 crazed plantmaster wizard has turned nearby land into unpassable lair
96 people are fearful of a kidnapper or monster, but it is actually a vengeful wizard polymorphing his enemies into dung beetles.  Anyone stepping on a local dung beetle may find it unusually unharmed (i.e., extra hit points)
97 a traveling magic user removes curses for money (of course he bestows them for free)
98 some magic-user called forth their secret chest in a local alley, and a slowly closing window to the ethereal remains present (1d4 hours)
99 decrepit magic user looking to magic jar into healthy young mercenary. if successful the mercenary leaves their current employment.
00 amoral magic-user seeks to geas strong arms by any means possible into providing security for dangerous trip



01-05 death of components available; 1d4 desired spells have no supply of necessary components
06-10 alchemist for hire
11-15 alchemist needing supplies will offer fees to procure items from risky area
16-20 ink for write spell is currently available here at double normal quantities (normal price)
21-25 sage sponsoring an adventuring party to secure lost item of interest
26-30 sage recently made a discovery worthy of some fame and derived local celebrity therefrom
31-35 sage is attempting to start a school
36-40 sage knows the true name of some individual demon or devil and takes extensive protective measures about their person and property
41-45 local brotherhood of sages have ulterior bond through a secondary society formed long ago
46-50 local sage is weak and sickly, able to work only half as long as normal and requiring twice as much rest
51-55 distinguished sage slipping in his dotage; 1d6x5% likelihood he can't remember but makes it up to save face
56-60 local sage currently paying premium for materials in a single field of specialty determined by the DM
61-65 cash-poor lord let armorer out of employment; currently traveling back to point of origin (15% chance demihuman)
66-70 local armorer blessed by appropriate god with special ability to reforge broken items as new
71-75 local armorer has a superior suit of non-human armor (race and armor type chosen by DM) finished but the person ordering hasn't returned in 1d4 years
76-80 jeweler recently finished exquisite piece of exceptional value
81-85 jeweler's hands recently shattered as lesson for not paying insurance to the guild and cursed to never heal; for unknown reason the churches also refuse to help him
86-90 apprentice gem cutter has 10d10 stones for sale at 10gp each; 50% chance they're worth 5gp, 50% chance they're worth 20gp (workmanship variability only)
91-95 cheated architect discretely sells plans of new nearby castle/complex/mansion, etc.
96-100 architect has just finished a project in this location and is either leaving or taking new employment (or both)

A mercenary troop in town and available for hire? Have other adventurers caused a stir in the area, either recently or currently?

01-05 HQ for a mercenary company (multiple companies at DMs discretion or duplicated roll results;availability at DM discretion)
06-10 HQ for adventuring party (same)
11-20 Temp HQ for adventuring party operating nearby; 20% chance recovering and preparing to leave after discovering insufficiently powerful to meet goal (fatalities at DM discretion)
21-25 location has influx of sell swords; men-at-arms available doubled, 50% chance excess is fleeting due to unretained mercenary company passing through locality
26-30 location has dearth of sell swords; men-at-arms available reduced to 0%-50% of normal
31-40 adventuring party(ies) passing through locality
41-45 adventurers operating locally don't want competition
46-50 adventuring party or individuals willing to provide training
51-55 locality famous for military specialist hirelings of a certain type; 75% likely available for hire (adjust down for unusual demand); competent or better.
56-60 fine light/med/heavy horses sold here
61-65 armorer/weaponsmith/bowyer here produces quality work in only 75% of the time for 200% of the cost.
66-72 starry-eyed local youths seek adventurer's life
73-87 grizzled vet down on his luck, of average ability, seeks opportunity to get back in the action (25% likely no intention of surviving)
88 archery competition
89 Young barbarian causes stir
90 thief scroll mishap turned adventuring companion into animal; thief seeks help
91 two adventurers who are fast friends seek what is seen as safer alternative as henchmen after otherwise-TPK of low-level party, but only if both are taken
92 a party in town has a map to a location where an ancient priest was imprisoned; priest has part of an artifact on their person
93 a demand spell will be used in an attempt to tracelessly accomplish some personal objective
94 someone staying at an inn popular with adventurers is/was attacked in the night, but their faithful hound killed the intruder - a githyanki.  The patron flees (fled) after.
95 a doppleganger poses as a man-at-arms
96 outside of town, a party with a subdued dragon waits for the advertised day of auction
97 a party is looking to sell 1d6 eggs or baby creatures of DM determination
98 a party member feels intense sympathy toward a brooch on the cloak of another adventurer.  If approached, is willing to sell the brooch for 500gp.  The brooch contains the trapped soul of an ancestor of the party member of similar class, who merges with the party member.  25% chance of insanity, but if roll succeeds member retains their own personality while gaining lessor of 10,000 experience points or one level, and minor sage abilities in one field of ancient knowledge
99 party runs into demihuman that knew someone's great-grandfather/mother, buying your dinner and telling old stories.  Get either one heirloom carried by demi-human all these years or 1d3 memories (as per a useful rumor but no chance of untruth)
100 adventurer hears pleas of intervention within their mind from intelligent sword carried by misaligned owner