Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Free Town of Groat's End - Twisting Stair Dungeon

Since the party is going back to town, I needed to put one together.  Here's a map for it, and I'll finish detailing out the town over the next few days in blog posts.

Edit - I can already see I misplaced some of the southern text labels, and a couple of misspellings. Stuff to correct on the next rendering.

This town is at the end of the road, more Nulb than Hommlet.  Should be a fun place for low-level adventurers to lose some money and hit points.

The full-sized PNG is available here


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    1. Thanks Squeen - there's a lot more of this town coming. It's organizing it all for consumption that takes the time. But a group of us are just finishing up on a writing project for a benefit, so it will be back on the four burners of my mental stove again.

      Glad you like it!