Monday, November 7, 2011

Arms of the Forge: Braeran's Stilleto

Braeran's Stiletto
Damage: 1d3/1d2 + Special
Braeran was a petty crook and mugger in the city of Gnore who tried to pass himself off as an assassin, if he encountered someone from the Spice Quarter making discreet inquiries about contracting a Shroudsman. If the target were a resident of his own Hemp Quarter he would take the job and attempt to complete it, although his methods were unsophisticated. If the target resided in a quarter where Braeran had no access, and no association to gain it for him, Braeran negotiated a price in bad faith and then attempted to kill his employer upon receiving an initial installment for expenses. He had considerable success, mainly due to his blade which he had taken from the belt of a drunken sailor he had assaulted and robbed.
This small dagger's hilt is made of silver, wrapped in leather. The pommel has been worked into the shape of a small frog, with an open mouth. The piece is a rendition of a species native to the jungles to the north of Gnore. Its head is on a swivel which allows it to unlock and slide, allowing access to a small cavity which can be filled with liquids of the bearer's choice. On the guard is a small carving of two daggers lying horizontal, opposite ends, across a six pointed star. Pressing down on the star causes the contents of the chamber to evacuate through a deep groove that runs down the center of the blade from its tang to the tip; typically this is used to inject poison from the hilt chamber into a wound.
As the blade itself is not coated in venom there is no chance for observers to "notice" the same, and possibly be swayed by the use of poison to risk involving themselves by notifying the nearest watchman. The weapon is not enchanted in any way, and gives no bonuses to hit or damage.
Braeran eventually grew careless, as is wont to happen when enjoying illicit gain without consequence, and the Brotherhood of the Shroud became aware that someone using this distinctive blade was impersonating their members.   In a stroke of luck, Braeran found out his secret was compromised, although he mistakenly thought the Shroudsmen also know his identity. To escape, Braeran signed on as a hireling to a newly-formed adventuring group that was willing to purchase his exit stamp at the Quarter gate. The group, who called themselves Magan's Men, have not returned to Gnore for three seasons.

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