Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handy Game Tool: Macro-Enabled (N)PC Sheet Character Sheet

Glimcogworks, on DF, posted an Excel spreadsheet character sheet that's really handy.  Most new forum-ites open up with a post of "hey, how you doing, I'm just getting back into D&D after a 'X' year absence and I'm really glad to have found your site" or some such.  Glim just dropped this sheet off and sped away like a he was making a link-n-run. 

And it's a nifty sheet - probably near enough to the holy grail if you are a late 1E period gamer.  It automates all the calculations, and plugs in appropriate tables such as weapon vs. AC and the to-hit matrices. 

The further you get from the 1979 DMG, the percentage of a 1E hardback that will see use in my game becomes smaller, so its nice that areas of the sheet such as NWPs are optional.  All I need to know to have a complete NPC sheet are the stats, class and any weapons known.  Pretty sweet for a gift horse I wasn't expecting when I swung by to check out DF's 1E forum.

Highly recommended!  Grab it and, if you like it, say thanks to Glim for sharing his work.

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