Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ex Libris: Vocare Malfeficum

Vocare Maleficum

This workbook, reputedly began by Loran the Maimed a few decades prior to immolation at the hands of a Type VI demon, details the arcane theory behind the Cacodemon spell and aids in its research.

The covers and spine of the workbook are constructed of cold iron covered in Hollyphant hide, which has been dyed in Annis spittle - which doubles as the ink used to inscribe the increasingly fevered observations of the crippled one.  The spine is covered with miniature metal imps; variously posed in rows of three, across its top, middle and bottom.  Its pages are parchment made from larval skin.  In contrast to the content of the tome, which begins in a rather detached and studious tone progressing to verses of inchoate pleadings, the print remains austerely uniform in its perfect construction.  The script is incomprehensible without the application of Read Magic.

There is a catch and leather strap across the book that will cause a poison needle trap to activate from the underneath the imp in the center of the spine unless one of the imps is rotated one-half turn, counter-clockwise.  Which of the nine imps this is changes with each closing of the book, although it is never the imp which houses the needle; when the book is strapped shut the correct imp's eyes will glow red for 1 round.  It is up to the owner to remember or otherwise note the correct imp.  The poison is fatal; demons save at no modifier, but creatures of the Prime Material save at -4.  Onset time is 2 rounds for demons, 1 round for Primes.

The information contained in the book allow for a +15% bonus to rolls to know the spell Cacodemon.  Additionally, its pages contain the purported true names of four Type IV demons (Morsibus, Calcare, Subigo, and Ultio), three Type V demons (Cruciatus, Proditor and Domitor), and two Type VI demons (Caducus and Imnolo); progressing in power towards the back of the workbook.  It is unknown how many of these names are correct, although at least one is suspected to be incorrect, with this error playing a critical part in Loren's demise.

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